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Yes.  Unequivocally yes.  The nutrients, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your dog’s overall health, joint health, mental health and clarity, and even their shiny coat! Mountain Dog treats can also play a big role in keeping their immune systems strong.

Mountain dog treats are made with only  100% wild Alaskan salmon. Just one ingredient with no fillers, preservatives or noxious substances.

Always make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water when you give Mountain Dog Treats, since they are freeze dried, your dog will want a drink after a treat!

The answer is yes.  The treats are sized for an adult dog however, so your pup may prefer them in smaller pieces.  

This is one benefit of Freeze Drying our treats.  They have a nice snap, which makes it easy to break off the tail, or into smaller pieces. 

As with any freeze dried product, make sure your puppy has access to plenty of fresh water after you give them a treat. 

100% Wild Alaska Salmon.  That’s it.

We produce products for canines, and so we do not recommend these treats be eaten by humans. Raw meat is raw meat, and while freeze drying preserves the meat for extended periods of time, it is still raw meat, and the FDA does not recommend consumption of raw meat for humans. 

Yes, a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can be a delicious and tasty treat for cats and is often already found in commercial cat food.

Many of our customers break the tails off for their cats, and give the larger body of the fish to their dogs.  Sharing is fun for the whole four-legged family!

Currently, we ship FREE anywhere in the United States… and by United States, we mean all 50 states.  

If you don’t live in Alaska or Hawaii, you may not understand the significance, but if you DO, you get it.  

Yes, according to Dr Andrew Miller MRCVS, of Pure Pet foods, dogs can eat cooked salmon and it’s just as nutritious for your pooch as it is for you. In fact, many of the health benefits of eating salmon do transfer to our furry friends.

Salmon is rich in high-quality protein, omega-3, and vital vitamins including vitamins A, B, and D as well as minerals like potassium and selenium. This nutritious fish, particularly the omega-3 fatty acids, will work wonders for your pup’s coat, prevent inflammation, and help to maintain healthy muscles and growth.

Due to the nature of the conditions of the cold waters of Alaska, the bacteria that can cause salmon poisoning is not able to develop.

~ Dr. Robert Gerlach
Alaska State Veterinarian

  1. It is packed with healthy protein
  2. It’s perfect for picky eaters
  3. It is highly digestible
  4. It is a great source of B vitamins, potassium and selenium
  5. It promotes shiny coats and healthy skin
  6. It actually helps with allergies
  7. Omega-3 Fatty acids help improve joint  mobility

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  1. Freeze Drying removes virtually all moisture from a substrate.  This results in an intensely delicious flavor, as anyone who has ever had a freeze dried blueberry can attest.  When your dog eats a Mountain Dog Freeze Dried treat, their saliva helps reconstitute the salmon while IN their mouth.  

    It’s a bit like eating a dry scone, or a handful of crackers by themselves… you would want a drink to go with it, and so would your furry friend. 

    It’s a good idea to always have plenty of fresh water on hand for your dog.