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Product Infographic shows trnsition from wild caught salmon to raw freezedried treats
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About Us


There are two ways to preserve treats, freeze drying and dehydration. We choose to Freeze Dry our treats because dehydrated meat has the moisture cooked out, and many of the essential nutrients are destroyed.

By skipping the condensation phase and going straight from a frozen fish treat to an almost weightless delicacy for your dog, we preserve all the important nutrients and enzymes, and sublimate away the water and with it, the weight.

Mountain Dog™ treats are nutritious and weightless, with a crunch your dog will love.


Salmon bellies have long been prized by us, and our fellow Alaskans who know, as the best part of the fish that doesn’t fit into a fillet. Salmon bellies hold the highest fat and oil content, but also have a small portion of bone, cartilage and calcium from the fin to provide a balanced nutritional profile. It’s mostly delectable trim, with extra vital nutrition included.


Sean McPeck, owner of Tier 1 Veterinary Medical Center located near our world headquarters in Alaska was our first veterinarian endorsement. As a Special Operations Veterinarian, Dr. McPeck authored and implemented the first Comprehensive Canine Conditioning Program, which is currently still being conducted by multiple SOCOM units.

He was also accountable for all the preventative care, nutrition, and husbandry of hundreds of Military Working Dogs. Sean also created training and certification classes for dog handlers to be proficient in Canine Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and knowledge of current medical equipment and procedures, which led to the successful life saving interventions by handlers in real world operations. Dr. McPeck has traveled throughout the US and abroad, training and briefing handlers on K9 husbandry, and veterinary care. In his own words:

As an expert in canine performance and veterinary care, I fully endorse Mountain Dog™ treats as an excellent, virtually weightless nutritional supplement for any working dog or pet.

Dr Sean McPeck

Dr. McPeck also pioneered a fitness app for dogs called ACAP (Advanced Canine Athletic Program, and Mountain Dog™ Treats align perfectly with the nutritional component of advanced training and athleticism. They are weightless, effortless to pack and carry, and the perfect motivational reward for ordinary and high-level obedience training.

About Us- Picture Shows The Founder Kevin Thompson

About Us

About Us – Kevin Thompson is joined by his wonderful wife, Hannah Thompson, and their two wonderful children. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. In addition, Mr. Thompson is a serial entrepreneur with businesses ranging from pawn shops to trucking companies and firearms training facilities.

Mr. Thompson is a US Army veteran who served in Iraq from 2003 – 2004. After leaving the military due to injuries sustained in combat, Mr. Thompson worked as an advisor with various companies working for the Department of Defense. While working as a contractor, Mr. Thompson obtained his helicopter pilot’s license and transitioned careers to become a helicopter pilot flying in multiple countries. After meeting his wife, he began flying domestic missions and starting businesses. Mr. Thompson moved to Alaska in 2016 with his daughter and his wife, who was pregnant with their son. Immediately the Thompson family knew this was where they wanted to stay. Mr. Thompson returned to school to obtain his fixed wing ratings and planned to fly commercially as an airline pilot when he contracted Covid. Unfortunately, after 32 days in the hospital and eight days on a ventilator with a year-long recovery, Mr. Thompson has not been able to pursue the airline career he had chosen.

Thompson’s family firmly believes God does not Close one door without opening another. Before Mr. Thompson was sick, Mrs. Thompson had purchased a Harvest Right freeze dryer to produce backpacking meals for the family that were healthier than the store-bought ones. One thing led to another, and the Thompson family created the brand Mountain Dog.

Having grown up around farming and ranching with the dreams of being a large animal veterinarian, Mr. Thompson has a background working with various animals. After looking at the dog treat markets and reading the back of the boxes, Mr. Thompson knew that he could create a healthier treat for not only his dog but his friend’s dogs. He then proceeded to call his veterinary friends, talk to local veterinary experts in canine nutrition, and develop this high-quality single-ingredient treat.